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The workshops I offer are a great way to ‘dip your toe in the water’ in areas of interest to you and your organization. 

Whether your attention is with social enterprise, onboarding new board members or making friends with your financial statements, I’ve got you covered.


  • Quick & easy way to learn more about the topic

  • Cost effective - low investment of time and money

  • A great starting point - paves the way to a deeper understanding if desired

All of my workshops can be provided as 90 minute or half-day sessions via Zoom or in-person, as that becomes available. As well, I’m always happy to put together a customized workshop that matches your organization's needs. Just let me know.

Making Friends With Your Financial Statements

Financial Management And Informative

Reporting For The Non-Accountant

Learn what those pesky documents really mean and how to use them to better plan and manage your organization. The financial statements that the auditor prepares for tax purposes are not the best day-to-day financial management tool. Working with your bookkeeper, you can actually have meaningful and easy to understand financial management reports that you welcome, not ones that make you want to go running.


Join us for this overview to better understand the story your financial reports can tell you.


Learning objectives include:

  • How to use your financial statements and financial management reports as great management tools

  • How to better communicate with your accountants, funders, senior management and board

  • Some of the common accounting terminology and what it means in your day to day operations


Where Your Mission Meets The Money

How To Use Social Enterprise To Make Your

Nonprofit More Financially Stable

Social enterprise has taken off as a new formula for success. Whether subsidized or self-funding, these initiatives combine business methods with a drive to better the world. Blending financial goals with your mission for social, cultural or environmental impact is one of the most effective ways your organization can work towards financial stability while still feeling connected to your larger purpose.

Join me for a three-hour overview of what social enterprise is (and isn’t), how it can help your organization achieve financial stability, and how to get one off the ground.


You’ll learn:

  • The three social enterprise financial models

  • Key exploration and development steps for starting your own social enterprise

  • How to assess your organization’s readiness and take the next step


When Your Friends Are My Friends

How to Build Relationships That Make

Your Nonprofit Thrive

Today’s lean organizations can’t survive without strong alliances to help them grow. No matter who you’re talking to—donors, potential sponsors, partners—figuring out how you can help them reach their own goals is the first step towards building long-term partnerships. When 'you and them' becomes 'us', everyone wins.


Join me for a crash course on uncovering where your partners' needs and your organization’s goals meet.


You’ll learn:

  • How to communicate your nonprofit's message in a more impactful way

  • A better approach to uncover your audience’s true needs

  • Ten rules for helping your partners while still making social impact


Better Ways To Reach The Right People

Save Money, Time and Heartache Through

Strategic Prospecting

Prioritizing which funders, potential sponsors and service users to engage with is one of the hardest parts of maintaining an organization, and one of the most crucial to get right.


Prospecting, done right, helps you focus your energy on the right people. Knowing who to target and key strategies to approach them increases your chance of understanding your target’s needs and gaining their interest. Organizations that are strategic in their prospecting are far more effective—in terms of their time, energy and resources—in achieving their goals.


Join me for this workshop on reaching the right people.


You’ll learn:

  • How to find demographic, psychographic and firmographic information and use it to your advantage

  • How to successfully market your organization without using traditional advertising

  • How to create a sustainable 12-month action plan – including a free template

Are You Being Served?

Staying Customer-Focused

In The Nonprofit World

The term “customer-focused” isn’t just for business anymore. Establishing a service culture in any organization is one of the most effective ways to boost donor satisfaction, keep your employees happy, and create a healthy work environment that enables your nonprofit to thrive.


Join me for this introduction to figuring out who your organization’s “customers” are and what they want from you.


Discover what a customer-centric environment looks like (spoiler: it’s not just about the customers!) and how creating one could be the most important thing you ever do for your organization.


You’ll learn:

  • The four key elements of service culture

  • Who your customers are and what they expect

  • How to recover from a service breakdown

  • How to perform a “service culture assessment” and create an improvement plan


The Power Of Peer Coaching

How To Drive Learning And Growth

From Within Your Organization

Many nonprofit organizations struggle to devote time and resources to employee growth. In today’s lean and fast-paced environment training and development often end up on the backburner - leading to employee frustration, disillusionment, and turnover.


Many organizations are missing out on one of the most effective and free resources at their disposal to drive learning and build healthy relationships: peer coaching.


Peer coaching leverages a powerful and trusting team dynamic to drive performance, boost employee engagement and develop future leaders. Join me to learn the key aspects of an effective peer coaching framework and assess if peer coaching is the right fit for your organization.


You’ll learn: 

  • How peer coaching empowers people to learn new skills and grow as leaders

  • How peer coaching can help remove workplace silos

  • The difference between coaching and consulting - and where each tool is the best fit

  • The steps that you need to take to create a workplace culture of peer coaching

Get On Board

Tips and Tricks For Onboarding New

Members And Creating Better Boards

Nonprofit board members need smarts and a willingness to work hard. Their blood, sweat and (yes, sometimes) tears are what keeps your organization moving forward, but they can’t steer the ship if you don’t point them in the right direction.


Successful onboarding gives your board members the context they need to put their full set of skills to work for your organization. The better your organization is at doing this, the more effective your board will be.


Join me for an overview of the roadmap every organization needs to follow to help their board thrive.


You’ll learn:

  • How ineffective orientation leads to board burnout

  • The three layers of orientation every new board member needs

  • How to ensure smooth onboarding with a knowledge transfer checklist (including a customizable template)

  • To use a Board Member Competency Matrix to get the right fit in your new board members (including a customizable template)


Practical Tools For Effective

Communication In The Workplace

Communication plays a fundamental role in our daily lives, yet the art of communication within the workplace can be a challenge for some people.  Effective communication is an essential part of an organization’s success; no matter whom you’re talking to--donors, potential sponsors, partners or each other--knowing how to communicate clearly and positively enhances relationships, increases engagement and helps your whole team be more effective.

Whether these are new skills or a refresher, join us for this overview of practical tools to help improve all your communications. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Integral, foundation steps that support great communication

  • The role that different cultural norms play in effective communication

  • How to make a good apology and move forward


How To Talk The Talk

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