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June  & July 2021

Board Governance Basics
Wed. June 30th 10:00 am-Noon PDT

Board Refocus: Governance vs Operations
Wed. July 7th 10:00 am-Noon PDT

Onboarding New Board Members
Wed. July 14th 10:00 am-Noon PDT

Creating Your Board Member Manual
Tues. July 20th 1:00 pm-3:00 pm PDT

Essentials of Succession Planning
Thurs. July 29th 1:00 pm-3:00 pm PDT

August 2021

Making Friends With Your Financial Statements
Wed. Aug. 4th 10:00 am-Noon PDT

Social Enterprise For Nonprofits
Tues. Aug. 10th 10 am-Noon PDT

The workshops I offer are a great way to ‘dip your toe in the water’ in areas of interest to you and your organization. ​

Whether your attention is with social enterprise, onboarding new board members or making friends with your financial statements, I’ve got you covered.

Quick & easy way to learn more about the topic

Cost effective - low investment of time and money

A great starting point - paves the way to a deeper understanding if desired


Social Enterprise For Nonprofits

How To Make Your Nonprofit More Financially Stable

Social enterprise has taken off as a new formula for success. Whether subsidized or self-funding, these initiatives combine business methods with a drive to better the world. Blending financial goals with your mission for social, cultural or environmental impact is one of the most effective ways your organization can work towards financial stability while still feeling connected to your larger purpose.

Join me for a three-hour overview of what social enterprise is (and isn’t), how it can help your organization achieve financial stability, and how to get one off the ground.


Learning objectives include:

  • The three social enterprise financial models

  • Key exploration and development steps for starting your own social enterprise

  • How to assess your organization’s readiness and take the next step

Making Friends With Your Financial Statements

Financial Management And Informative

Reporting For The Non-Accountant

Learn what those pesky documents really mean and how to use them to better plan and manage your organization. The financial statements that the auditor prepares for tax purposes are not the best day-to-day financial management tool. Working with your bookkeeper, you can actually have meaningful and easy to understand financial management reports that you welcome, not ones that make you want to go running.


Join us for this overview to better understand the story your financial reports can tell you.


Learning objectives include:

  • How to use your financial statements and financial management reports as great management tools

  • How to better communicate with your accountants, funders, senior management and board

  • Some of the common accounting terminology and what it means in your day to day operations


How To Build Relationships That Make Your Nonprofit Thrive

Alliances And Partnerships In The Nonprofit World

Today’s lean organizations can’t survive without strong alliances to help them grow. No matter who you’re talking to—donors, potential sponsors, partners—figuring out how you can help them reach their own goals is the first step towards building long-term partnerships. When 'you and them' becomes 'us', everyone wins.


Join me for a crash course on uncovering where your partners' needs and your organization’s goals meet.


Learning objectives include:

  • How to communicate your nonprofit's message in a more impactful way

  • A better approach to uncover your audience’s true needs

  • Ten rules for helping your partners while still making social impact


Better Ways To Reach The Right People

Save Money, Time and Heartache Through

Strategic Prospecting

Prioritizing which funders, potential sponsors and service users to engage with is one of the hardest parts of maintaining an organization, and one of the most crucial to get right.


Prospecting, done right, helps you focus your energy on the right people. Knowing who to target and key strategies to approach them increases your chance of understanding your target’s needs and gaining their interest. Organizations that are strategic in their prospecting are far more effective—in terms of their time, energy and resources—in achieving their goals.


Join me for this workshop on reaching the right people.


Learning objectives include:

  • How to find demographic, psychographic and firmographic information and use it to your advantage

  • How to successfully market your organization without using traditional advertising

  • How to create a sustainable 12-month action plan – including a free template

Transitioning From A Working Board To A Governance Board

This Is One Of The Most Challenging 

Times Of Growth Opportunities

”Many boards of charitable organizations are working boards. However, if the board only addresses projects that repeat year after year, then the function of the board is more like being a volunteer staff.... Governing is where the strategic thought process lives.”


This transition is one of the toughest areas of growth that many organizations face.


Join us in this 90 minute session where we will look at the difference between a working board and a governing board and how to move forward from one to the other as effectively as possible.


Learning objectives include:


  • Knowing the characteristics of both board types

  • Understanding why some board members may resist

  • Tips on how to keep the board satisfied and engaged


Creating Your Board Member Manual

Learn How To Create This Important Resource

”Research shows that two particular characteristics matter most to Board of Director performance:


1. the board’s understanding of its roles and responsibilities, and...

2. the board’s ability to work as a collaborative team toward shared goals.”


The easiest way to assure board members understand their roles and responsibilities, and work together, is with a strong on-boarding process including a comprehensive Board Member Manual.


In this 90 minute session we will use a Board Member Manual template to review and discuss the needed contents - and you may be very surprised at how much you already have on hand!


Learning objectives include:


  • Understanding what goes into a comprehensive board manual

  • Seek progress not perfection

  • How best to manage this important document


Onboarding New Board Members

Tips and Tricks For Onboarding New

Members And Creating Better Boards

Nonprofit board members need smarts and a willingness to work hard. Their blood, sweat and (yes, sometimes) tears are what keeps your organization moving forward, but they can’t steer the ship if you don’t point them in the right direction.

Successful onboarding gives your board members the context they need to put their full set of skills to work for your organization. The better your organization is at doing this, the more effective your board will be.

Join me for an overview of the roadmap every organization needs to follow to help their board thrive.

Learning objectives include:


  • How ineffective orientation leads to board burnout

  • The three layers of orientation every new board member needs

  • How to ensure smooth onboarding with a knowledge transfer checklist (including a customizable template)

  • To use a Board Member Competency Matrix to get the right fit in your new board members (including a customizable template)


Essentials Of Succession Planning

5 Simple Elements You Need To Tend To

We will all need to manage succession planning - whether in board members, ED’s, CEO’s or staff. This is a fact of life, and it can be done either through a planned thoughtful process, or by a reactive and possibly emergency basis.
At the very least, there are 5 simple elements you need to tend to, to assure the process is as planned and painless as possible.
Join us for this  90 minute session which offers discussion and direction to make your succession planning transitions easier.
Learning objectives include:
  • Knowing the 5 key elements of planned successions
  • Understanding the transitional cycle
  • Awareness of gaps
  • Includes a free template / checklist that outlines the 5 key elements and more

How To Help People Manage Projects And Tasks

RACI Charting For Board And Organizational Clarity

Borrowed from the Project Management world, RACI (ray-see) Charting offers an easy and clear system for organizations to use to help reduce cross-purpose work, clarify roles and responsibilities, and improve ownership of project tasks.
This system is valuable for the Boards of Directors, staff and management of the organization.  
RACI helps us clarify the difference between who is:
Responsible Accountable Consulted and Informed
Join us for this 90 minute session to learn the basics of RACI Charting and how you might use it in your organization.

Learning objectives include:

  • Who needs to know, do, or know about what?

  • What is ‘cross-purpose’ work, and how to avoid it

  • Where RACI charting may help you

  • A functional template that you can use


Board Governance Basics

Learn About Board Styles And Help Your Nonprofit To Thrive

Working Board. Governance Board. Executive or Management Board. What does it all mean?


Boards need to govern and support the organization to accomplish its work. Better understanding of Board Governance basics and options open to you will help your organization move forward with renewed energy and engagement.

Consensual outcomes, clear lines of authority and better understanding of roles and responsibilities are critical to smoother operations and successful projects.


Learning objectives include:


  • Defining Board Governance

  • Describing some of the different models

  • Recognizing that all Boards must govern, regardless of the Board model

  • Clarifying lines of authority for each model


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