I am a true generalist and love to work with the interconnection and
interdependence of an organization's strategies and operations. My work might be viewed within the following context:


Let’s make your nonprofit stronger, together.

Here's how I can help you strengthen and grow your organization:

facilitation and community engagement
strategic planning (functional)
operational reviews
marketing strategies
board development

social enterprise development
business planning and feasibility studies
financial sustainability reviews
examining existing and potential strategic alliances


Social Enterprise Development

Board Governance

Financial Sustainability Review

Organizational Review


Strategic Planning

Marketing Strategies

Business Planning / Feasibility Studies

Succession Planning


Financial Sustainability

Are you getting the full story from your financial management reports?

The right reporting can help uncover opportunities and identify gaps and areas for improvement. 


Together, we can explore how your financial information is being collected and presented so that you can make informed decisions that lead your nonprofit to a more sustainable financial model.


Strategic Planning

Whether you’re just launching or 30 years in, it can be challenging to know how to focus your organization’s efforts.

A well-crafted strategic plan is a map that helps you reach your destination without getting pulled off course. 

Using input from the stakeholders that matter most, we’ll look back historically on where you’ve been and explore the current landscape to get a sense of how you best fit. 


We'll formulate a path forward that guides you towards your vision for the future.

Social Enterprise


Social enterprise has taken off as a new formula for success.
Whether subsidized or self-funding, these initiatives combine business methods with a drive to better the world. 


Blending financial goals with your mission for social, cultural or environmental impact is one of the most effective ways your organization can work towards financial stability while still feeling connected to your larger purpose.


Together, we can build a stable plan to get your social enterprise off the ground.


Board Governance

Nonprofit board members need smarts and a willingness to work hard. Their blood, sweat and (yes, sometimes) tears are what keeps your organization moving forward, but they can’t steer the ship if you don’t point them in the right direction.


Successful onboarding and ongoing professional development gives your board members the context they need to put their full set of skills to work for your organization.


Together, we can work through various governance challenges every board faces, so your organization can end board burnout and have a thriving and satisfied board.

Operational Reviews

As organizations change and grow it’s hard to stop and take time to review.


Are the right people in the right places? Is technology being used to ease workflows? Are people engaged and productive? 

Organizational reviews gather information from a broad range of stakeholders to give a “big picture” view of the organization as a whole.


Together, we’ll zoom in to find the areas that need attention and make a plan for where changes are needed so your organization has the tools it needs to be the best it can be.


Succession Planning

Change is a fact of life and planning for it will allow you to have a smoother transition -- whether in board members, ED’s, CEO’s or staff.

Succession planning can be broken down into a series of steps that you can begin now to assure you have what you need in place, when you need it!

Together we’ll explore what you already have to support these transitions, identify any gaps and create an action plan to move forward successfully.

Business Planning / Feasibility Studies

You’ve heard it before - “failing to plan is planning to fail.” 


Your organization has limited resources. Before taking on new projects (or expanding existing ones) it’s critical you have a road map to give you the best chance at success. 


Together, we can form a workable business plan with a crucial nonprofit spin: we’ll consider the bottom line while still focusing on the impact of your organization and the non-financial reasons you do what you do.


Marketing Strategies

Marketing is not just for the for-profit world. It’s the way we let our broad range of stakeholders know what we’re all about - from the people we help to those who help us. 


Knowing whom to connect with, and how to connect with them, is what makes your efforts successful, or not.


Together, we can make the most of your communications time and resources with a nonprofit-focused marketing strategy that works.


I'd love to connect with you to answer your questions and talk about how we might work together.

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