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So, who is Frank?

When you’re looking for advice, what you need is not more, but better.

My job is to make your job easier. An experienced facilitator, coach and consultant, I bring fresh eyes to what’s holding you back. The Frank Growth Solutions approach is all about working with your organization to understand your needs and what tools and strategies will help your nonprofit grow.  My collaborative approach and practical workshops have helped dozens of organizations overcome their unique hurdles and flourish.

You'll find me doing the work in community based spaces (community economic development) with a democratic and collaborative style. My background is in small business (30 plus years of hands on experience) with a shift about 15 years ago to the nonprofit world where I've worked with social enterprises, nonprofits and small business start-ups.

One of the distinct areas I add value to is in my ability to speak the language of both communities - the for-profit as well as the not-for-profit worlds. This intersection allows many benefits to come to the surface that either group on their own may not be aware of.


As a certified facilitator, I love seeing individuals and groups coming together with collaborative and consensual outcomes that allow projects to move forward with renewed energy and engagement.


​Before launching Frank Growth Solutions, I worked as both a manager and business owner in Winnipeg and Regina. About 15 years ago, I turned my talents to the world of non-profits, providing workshops and one-on-one guidance to social entrepreneurs and not-for-profit/small business start-ups.


I also draw from a deep network of trusted colleagues to provide wrap-around solutions for all your organizational needs. If I can’t help, I’ll know someone who can!


So, when you need a guide, a collaborator, and (sometimes) a little tough love, I’ve got you covered.

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