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About me

Hi, I'm Frank.

I’ve learned some big lessons as a coach, manager, entrepreneur, certified facilitator, and consultant.


Non-profits don’t have it easy. Between juggling stakeholders and clients and chasing reports, you can sometimes lose sight of your larger goals.


Frank Growth Solutions bridges the gap between social good and business best practice to give your non-profit the tools it needs.


I have a passion for helping people thrive, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you!

The work I do helps you help others!



"Since September 2018, United Way Winnipeg has proudly partnered with Frank Atnikov of Frank Growth Solutions to run a series of workshops to help non-profits develop key strategic partnerships and enhance their communication based on organizational needs. Reviews from workshop participants have praisedFrank’s knowledge of and experience within the non-profit sector, his excellent facilitation skills, and his capacity to create a space for the group to share and learn from one another.”

- Tamara Ingrilli, Senior Manager, Capacity Building / United Way Winnipeg

“Frank met with our managers and the staff directly involved in the day to day work of the department. His detailed questions helped us delve into the major issues. We took the information from his report and restructured not only our Contracting Division but it also opened up the door to look at our corporation as a whole.”

"From start to finish, our experience with Frank was incredibly positive. He provided gentle guidance throughout the process and when our staff team gathered as a group we found his facilitation skills to be excellent. He was able to effectively summarize the collective thoughts of numerous stakeholders and provide us with a finished product that we are very satisfied with. We hope to continue to work with him in the future."

-Laurie Socha, S.A.M. (Management) Inc.

 -Ian Barnett, Vice President, Fort Whyte Alive

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